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Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Companies - 2020

In this digital era, businesses that fail to innovate is at the significant risk of lagging behind their peers, and the foodservice industry is no exception. The industry has seen a revolutionary transformation in recent years in its bid to satisfy an ever-changing consumer landscape. What could have been considered oxymoronic a few years ago, like the vegan fast or impossible burger diets are gaining much popularity among the customers today, especially among the millennials and gen Z.

Besides, their increasing sensitivity toward environmental sustainability and waste management has forced the industry to bring about rather inventive approaches like zero-waste restaurants and compostable packaging. As concepts like ghost kitchens and cloud kitchens are getting popular, and services like click-and-collect and kiosks have become imperative. Thus, it is safe to say that the foodservice industry is overseeing a revolutionary change spurred by technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI), data science, 3D printing, and blockchain technology are driving this technological transformation of the foodservice industry. AI has already stridden its way in the industry. For instance, a few airport restaurants have already started using the semi-humanoid robots to greet customers, provide menu details, and offer menu recommendations. Similarly, a robotic machine manufacturer, created a robot that could use 21 ingredients to create more than 1,000 types of salads in around 60 seconds, which is another example of how the foodservice industry is integrating AI. Right now, data science and predictively analysis are touted to have enormous potential in foodservice as providing personalized experience could be a major competitive differentiation. 3D printing is another technology that is revolutionizing the sector. Experts predict that it’s going to be an indispensable part of our culinary lives in the coming years. Blockchain technology has also made its mark in foodservice. Besides providing the infrastructure for virtual currencies, it also increases the efficiency and transparency of the supply chains.

At this juncture, there are a variety of food service management solutions available in the market that caters to different needs of the businesses. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Food and Beverages Tech Review has compiled the list of the top 10 food service management solution providers. The enlisted solution providers are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Food and Beverages Tech Review’s “Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Food Service Management Solution Companies

  • OneEvent brings software systems to market that monitor business and home environments, and generate life and property-saving insights. The company specializes in life safety and security systems that help devise intelligent solutions for protecting buildings and homes. By providing actionable data, OneEvent helps the business owners manage their business, protect the safety of their customers, prevent losses, and reduce costs. OneEvent’s food service cooler monitoring system provides automated daily temperature reports, monitors freezer performance, and manages cooler door timings. By combining its proprietary developments with present technology and learning the heartbeat of the coolers, OneEvent successfully shifts the client’s focus toward prevention rather than reaction.

  • Enables its clients to mitigate risk as it relates to food safety and provide a great guest experiences every visit

  • Provider of ultraviolet-based anti-microbial disinfection solutions for the food and beverage industry

  • Appetize


    Appetize is a modern Point of Sale, inventory and analytics platform transforming how enterprises manage and process guest transactions. With an omni-channel approach, Appetize makes front of house transactions more intuitive through fixed, self-serve and handheld form factors, while providing robust kitchen and back office tools. Appetize is trusted by some of the largest and highest volume businesses in the world, including sports and entertainment properties, education campuses, theme parks, travel and leisure sites, and national chain brands. It also enhances the guest ordering experience while making operations more efficient and productive and provide all the benefits and flexibility of the cloud including easy deployment, scale-up, reconfiguration and upgrade capabilities, with its enterprise capabilities such as centralized management and real-time reporting

  • CaterTrax, Inc

    CaterTrax, Inc

    CaterTrax is the industry-leading catering software provider, serving the largest managed hospitality companies across North America. Our mission, and ongoing commitment to our clients, is to be the company that best understands the everyday demands of our industry. We leverage our learned best practices to implement scalable solutions which enable our partners to elevate their unique brand of hospitality. With a broad range of web-based solutions and managed service offerings, CaterTrax powers thousands of foodservice operations in the non-commercial foodservice industry, streamlining and improving the way operators manage their business

  • Computrition


    For more than 35 years, Computrition has been the leading provider of foodservice software in the healthcare, university, long-term care, military and corrections industries. Its software products have increased the efficiency and productivity in these market segments, specifically in their foodservice, nutrition services, and retail operations. Staffed by dietitians, former foodservice directors, business and service professionals and certified technical specialists, Computrition possesses the expertise necessary to deliver the highest quality products and services with a focus on customer satisfaction

  • Food Service Solutions, Inc

    Food Service Solutions, Inc

    Food Service Solutions Inc. optimizes Canada’s commercial kitchens through its nationwide network of executive chefs, the country’s best equipment dealers and a broad portfolio of well-respected Food Service Equipment brands. Our chefs work directly with Operators and their Chefs to streamline workflows, reduce costs, improve results and maximize the return on their equipment investment, through a unique combination of culinary and food service equipment expertise. Our support continues throughout the life of our customers’ equipment with after-sale support, parts, service and warranty management for our distributed brands which include: Adventys, ACP (Amana®), Antunes, APW Wyott®, Baker’s Pride®, Besser Vacuum, Brunner Anliker, Cres Cor, LAINOX, Rotor, Roundup, Sunkist, Varimixer®, and Vitamix®

  • JustFood ERP

    JustFood ERP

    JustFood ERP delivers software and services for the food industry. Its trusted food experts help your company lower costs, improve food safety and manage compliance to keep customers successful. Its goal is to provide a 90-95% out-of-the-box fit for our food industry customers. We achieve this result by providing a highly tailored and highly configurable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that meets the needs of our food processors and food distributors. A high degree of business fit means a lower-risk implementation, greater user adoption and lower cost of implementation. JustFood is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics platform - the fastest growing ERP is the world - which means much of the user interface is familiar to Microsoft users

  • Robinson Fresh

    Robinson Fresh

    Robinson Fresh® specializes in sourcing and transporting fresh produce for consumers around the world. As one of the largest produce providers in the world and a division of world-leading 3PL C.H. Robinson, Robinson Fresh offers the highest quality products, services and solutions. Customers take advantage of year-round and global product supply, cold chain expertise, world-class account management, and impactful category insights. This expertise fuels Robinson Fresh’s ability to create and execute innovative supply chain solutions for customers, from seed to shelf

  • xtraChef


    Provides data analytics and automated cost management technology to the restaurant industry

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