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Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Companies - 2019

The food and beverages industry has evolved over the years, with a strong look at the operation, planning, menu scheduling, raw material purchasing, and shelf life, among numerous other factors. The concerns and challenges of hoteliers globally are independent of the size or cuisine that is being offered. The answer to most, if not all, problems is one word—technology. Today, technological innovations have made life easier and progressive for F&B companies. Cloud-based restaurant management, data analytics, and organic food disinfection, among other innovations, have helped hoteliers optimize resources, understand the customers, provide them with better services while increasing the food shelf life and adhere to regulatory compliances.

The use of cloud-based management helps restaurant owners manage their chain of hotels while not being personally present in each of those locations while driving unprecedented visibility and accountability at the franchise. On an enterprise level, technology helps empower restaurants to understand the means to use data for reducing waste, improving operations and increase profits. Besides, technology helps connect the operations team to the end consumer through menu engineering and expense control. The pursuit of increasing shelf life has led to a recent spike in the use of ultraviolet light to disinfect food. While helping food organizations increase their product shelf life, it also helps to stay compliant with food regulatory requirements.

Food and Beverage Tech Review collaborates with a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, and analysts to helps CIOs choose from a list of leading food service management solution providers.

We present to you Food and Beverage Tech Review’s “Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Providers - 2019”.

    Top Food Service Management Solution Companies

  • Checkit provides real-time operations management to ensure the efficient execution of routine and critical activities, and temperature controls while reporting top to bottom visibility of work as it happens


  • Enables its clients to mitigate risk as it relates to food safety and provide a great guest experiences every visit


  • Provider of ultraviolet-based anti-microbial disinfection solutions for the food and beverage industry


  • Offers Consumer Engagement Technologies with a cloud-based digital menu platform and a social media boost app that engages guests and drives revenue


  • Provides data analytics and automated cost management technology to the restaurant industry


  • Blacksmith Applications

    Blacksmith Applications

    Provides trade promotion and price management services to the consumers for the packaged goods industry

  • Calyxt


    The company is a Agbiotech company that produces and distributes gene-edited food crops

  • Diversey


    Diversey is a provider of cleaning, sanitation and maintenance products, systems and services that efficiently integrate chemicals, machines and sustainability programs

  • Frontmatec


    Develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry

  • Neogen


    Offers food and animal safety products. The firm develops, manufactures and markets a diverse line of products dedicated to food and animal safety

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