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Top 10 Food Service Management Solutions companies - 2022

Managing the day-to-day activities of an eatery is no easy task. It requires an understanding of the basics of restaurant management to ensure a safe and profitable food business. As a result, food service managers are at the center of activity of any food service setting, handling a myriad of tasks such as organizing resources, supporting health and safety compliance, and administrative duties. With supply chain issues and labor shortages still looming, food service managers must pivot their operations to weather the storm ahead.

Although robotics has been talked about in the food service industry for a while now, its adoption has been sluggish. The growing labor shortages have made room for robots to move in and take care of jobs like food running, fry flipping, and order taking. By leveraging the latest technologies, food service managers can stay flexible during volatile labor market conditions. Creating an internal gig economy enables labor sharing between units without incurring overtime and labor law penalties. This not only improves customer service across the business but also balances staffing across the organization.

As such, technological progressions are helping food service managers improve their practices in smarter ways. This edition of Food and Beverages Tech Review features companies with expertise in offering state-of-the-art food service management solutions. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Food and Beverages Tech Review magazine’s editorial board has compiled a list of food service management companies. The enlisted companies leverage innovative technologies to deliver the tools, resources, and solutions that organizations need to accelerate business growth and improve bottom lines. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right food service management company, Food and Beverages Tech Review presents to you “Top 10 Food Service Management Solutions Providers 2022.”

    Top Food Service Management Solutions companies

  • Forward Kitchens offers restaurants the fastest, most cost-effective, and easiest way to make more money online. Forward Kitchens’ team handles everything from review management to refunds associated with online storefronts. More importantly, Forward Kitchens doesn’t provide boilerplate products to restaurants; all its solutions are adaptable to the needs of a specific restaurant. The company has developed a technology to allow a mom-and-pop restaurant to get more online delivery sales through the creation of online digital restaurants. As a result, customers can better discover local restaurants to order from. With such a product, a local restaurant can within a matter of weeks bring in more delivery orders and have a professional online presence.

  • Prime FoodService Software, by NexVue Information Systems, delivers a full-suite ERP platform for foodservice distribution companies

  • SWARM Engineering is a Software-as-a-Service platform that leverages next-gen cognitive AI to optimize the agri-food supply chain. The company helps companies resolve challenges pertaining to load planning in logistics, product blending, pricing, inventory demand plans, and network design decisions. With SWARM, customers can define their problem statements in their own terms. The company leverages its multi-agent system to match the solutions from its extensible algorithm library to the defined problems and simulates optimization results. SWARM has emerged as a super-flexible platform, helping customers make problem-solving a core capability of their business.



    AFS Technologies provides enterprise software solutions for the food and beverage industries, such as business intelligence and mobile delivery automation



    Aptito offers the food and beverages industry an innovative, socially-driven, all-in-one digital software solution that offers the most comprehensive set of features for bringing restaurants into the digital age



    CaterTrax provides solutions and services to meet the needs of foodservice, catering, and hospitality organizations across industries



    CHD Expert assists its clients by providing them with a global perspective and in-depth knowledge of the Foodservice market



    SpecPage provides cutting-edge, enhanced digital process solutions for formula-based food and beverage manufacturing



    TRUNO provides secure, stable, and integrated technology solutions that enable businesses of any size to succeed in an ever-changing, competitive environment



    Veolia Water Technologies provides water and wastewater treatment solutions to its clients in the food and beverages industry

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