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Tommy Yionoulis, Managing Director, OpsAnaliticaTommy Yionoulis, Managing Director
The restaurant industry is in the midst of a technological evolution, and restaurant managers are expending a ton of money, time, and energy into keeping the restaurant staffed, running and ensuring food safety and consistency across all locations. Nevertheless, to keep track of every activity in the restaurant, a majority of managers are reliant on paper-based systems—which prove to be the broken linchpin in the process. The paper-based approach is incapable of holding people accountable, providing visibility into store operations and data among other things. What restaurants need today is an automated, all-in-one management and reporting portal that keeps track of every crucial task of the restaurants’ managers and employees to ensure a great guest experience every time.

This is where OpsAnalitica drives value for restaurant managers with their cloud-based restaurant management platform that not only breaks the barrier experienced with a paper-based approach but also provides complete real-time visibility into all the processes and tasks in the restaurant all for the same cost or less than the traditional paper based binder. In the current food service industry, OpsAnalitica provides the easiest to use platform, being just one click away from login to loading a checklist. The OpsAnalitica system offers preloaded checklists that clients can use from the day it’s deployed.
Considering the fact that every restaurant is different, OpsAnalitica’s team has developed the platform in a way that clients can easily customize it to their specific needs. Despite being a self-service platform, OpsAnalitica helps clients throughout the implementation period with full training videos, real-time chat support, and documentation. For full implementation packages, the company offers unlimited one-on-one consulting for the first 90 days.

OpsAnalitica’s dynamic platform has a robust notification service that promptly informs managers of any problems or employee activity. “Our platform offers real-time visibility into restaurant operations and holds managers accountable, with the ability to track individual assets through streamlined processes,” says Tommy Yionoulis, Managing Director of OpsAnalitica. “All in all, operators can reap the benefits of running better restaurants using the OpsAnalitica platform.”
  • Our platform offers real-time visibility into restaurant operations and holds managers accountable, with the ability to track individual assets through streamlined processes

Regarding the turnover crisis that restaurants are facing, it’s a constant battle for managers to hire and train new employees. With OpsAnalitica’s restaurant management app, new employees can walk around with station set-up checklists that allow them to enhance the employee training experience and employee productivity.

OpsAnalitica prides itself on the fact that clients can get an ROI with the management platform on the first day of using the platform because of a higher level of checklists compliance and simply providing more value for the same cost as a paper process. According to FDA reports, food safety violations occur because of not having a system in place. OpsAnalitica’s food safety checklists system reduces critical food safety violations, resulting in an ROI that benefits managers as well. “As the checklists help restaurants in identifying and solving problems in real time, it helps them operate better, and serve safer food which translates to better customer experiences,” says Yionoulis. He recalls an instance in which one of their clients—after they started using OpsAnalitica—received a state health code variance in regard to transporting food from their central kitchen to their location. This health code variance was because they were able to show the health inspectors that they had a buttoned-up, ironclad process in place, from a food safety perspective. And that got them off the hook from having to invest a massive amount of money in equipment when it came to shipping.

With the checklist and audit functions of the platform gaining huge momentum, OpsAnalitica is adding additional new modules with more functionality, which makes it the best checklist app packed with the most value in the space today.
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