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CIO VendorSeverin Weiss, CEO & Chairman
From strict regulatory requirements and increased consumer awareness to price sensitivity and more complex supply chains, today’s manufacturers in the food and beverage industry have been facing numerous challenges to produce innovative products efficiently. An advanced, integrated Product Lifecycle Management solution (PLM) streamlines and improves processes connected with the development, production and launch of products. This is where SpecPage comes in. “We offer integrated software solutions and online catalogs for the food and beverage industry,” says Severin Weiss, CEO & Chairman of SpecPage. “We specialize in R&D and assist suppliers and distributors with regulatory compliance when launching and marketing their products.” Besides providing product data management and compliance tools, SpecPage also proffers capturing and review services for firms that have limited resources to constantly adapt their product information to the ever changing requirements of authorities and trading partners.
SpecPage addresses the unique global requirements of the food and beverage industry with the most comprehensive product development software solution, SpecPDM. It has a central storage and specifications management system enabling manufacturers to react to market requirements in a faster and more flexible manner. The system integrates all aspects in PLM, providing a centralized database containing all specifications and formulas. It also presents a tool, which allows organizations to standardize and control internal production processes such as recipe management, costing, calculations, simulations, labeling/ packaging and declarations. “Having a single database ensures that company-wide product information is complete, accurate and transparent and can be shared with external parties at the touch of a button,” explains Weiss. “The integrated document control complies with ISO and IFS standards, flexibly supporting existing processes adapting to the user, and not the user to the system.”

“Our clients benefit from integrated solutions that simplify complex production processes and ensure resources are used efficiently,” asserts Weiss. Industry experience has shown that formulation software like SpecPDM can save 56 percent of the development staff’s time by leveraging data and avoiding duplicates—preventing lost, misplaced or unapproved documentation and records.

As Weiss notices, supply chains continue to become more complex and there is a need of a solution that can streamline the clients’ internal processes and standardize the information they publish to make sure they comply with the needs of relevant regulations and their business partners. “We are specialized in onboarding and publishing to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), a network of over 30 certified data pools to which more than 35,000 firms are connected,” he adds. “This enables suppliers, distributors and retailers to exchange standardized and synchronized product information with each other and their customers in an efficient manner.”

SpecPage is a rapidly growing company, expanding their activities in the U.S. and Europe and evaluating a possible expansion into Asia, to meet the growing PLM demands. The company will also be launching a new product in 2016, Compliance Guide—an online library including more than 5 million terms from over 80,000 food and beverage regulations across 180+ countries worldwide. This will assist businesses to ensure that recipes comply with regulatory requirements, including information on additives, standards of identity and contaminants. Weiss adds, “With Compliance Guide, suppliers and distributors can be assured that their data is accurate and comprehensive, allowing real-time traceability, from laboratory processes to label printing.” For the future, SpecPage will continue to evaluate further strategic partnerships to expand their global presence widening their comprehensive offering. “We aim to be the PLM market leader for food and beverage manufactures worldwide,” concludes Weiss.

"Our clients benefit from integrated solutions that simplify complex R&D and regulatory processes and ensure resources are used efficiently"

- Severin Weiss, CEO & Chairman

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